Bruns holds a Masters Certification in music production from Berklee. His specialties include live multi-track recording, vocal tracking / comping / tuning, editing, mixing, live drum & percussion tracks, and beat programming. He uses ProTools (is AVID certified), Ableton software, and a combination of outboard analog  signal processors and “in the box” audio plugins.  He is also the studio designer and Recording Arts Director at a top private school in Studio City, CA.


State-of-the-art equipment including the latest audio plug-ins, hardware, software, and acoustic treatments.  Record and produce vocals, make beats, and overdub percussion, guitar, keyboard, and bass tracks at industry standard quality.  Patio lounge area for taking a break.

Drum Tracks

Distinguish your tracks where loop and sample libraries fall short by adding the groove, syncopation, texture, and variety that only Bruns’ LIVE percussion & drums can bring.

Recording & Mixing

Recordings that Bruns engineered, edited, mixed and/or mastered (click on album cover to hear samples)


Bruns composes music for YouTube Channels, Podcasts, and Commercials.

Coffee Commercial Remake.

Music done for Root2Rise Yoga.


Bruns produces recordings at major studios around the word.

Recording Credentials

  • Masters Certificate (music production) – Berklee
  • AVID Certified Instructor (Pro Tools)  – AVID
Bruns records drum & percussion parts for Byron Motley and his ALL-STAR lineup![see video HERE]