Session Work


1. Brazilian Drumset (Bruns)

2. Cuban Drumset (Bruns)

3. Djembe, Congas, Shakers (produced by Deepak)

4. Free Jazz Drumset (Bruns)

5. Funk Drumset (Bruns)

6. Jazz Drumset (Dr. Gamer demo)

7. Pop Drumset (Breath of Life Tribe)

8. Rock Drumset (Breath of Life Tribe)

9. Second Line Drumset (Bruns)

10. Brazilian Percussion (Dr. Jason Gamer demo)

11. Cajon and Percussion (produced by Granville Oldham)

12. Congas, Pandeiro (Sara Andon faculty recital)

13. Double-time Jazz Drumset (Kevin Baché)

14. Marimba Solo (movie scoring session)

15. Steel Pan (Roxanne Seeman session)

16. Timbales and Bells (produced by Granville Oldham)

About Album

Bruns’ sight reading skills, versatile percussion abilities, drum set chops, as well as his extensive arsenal of high quality percussions instruments from around the world have been contributing to musical projects both live and in the studio for over two decades. This Tapas demo reel consists of audio excerpts from some of these various collaborations.

Artist: various

Label: various

Release Date: June 17, 2008

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