Ballroom Soundtrack


1. Everybody Loves My Baby

2. Red Hot Mama

3. It Had to Be You - naughty

4. Wanna Be Happy (feat. Nathi)

5. Yearning

6. Carmen (feat. Katisse)

7. I Love You

8. It Had to Be You - nice

9. España Cani

About Album

Available Soon in 12″ Vinyl and CD

Recorded by retro-soul band BRUNS & BACHÉ, Ballroom‘s unique soundtrack stands as a piece of art on its own.  Popular dance music from the 1920s & 30s is reimagined with BACHÉ’s creative arrangements and BRUNS’ modern production vision. The band’s driving energy, commanding rock vocals, powerful horn section, soulful backing vocals, and virtuosic solos create a soundscape ideal for the film’s passionate choreography and inspirational storyline.  Special guests musicians include Brazilian sensation Nathi, Sergio Mendez guitarist Kleber Jorge, Phil Collins vocalist Amy Keys, and Katisse Buckingham from Anchorman‘s iconic “Yazz Flute” scene. Recorded at the famous Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA.

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Kevin Baché – lead vocals

Amy Keys – supporting vocals

Ben Thomas – guitar, banjo

Mahesh Balasooriya – acoustic piano

Luca Alemanno – upright bass

Nathan Kay – trumpet

Jeremy Lappitt – tenor saxophone

Eric Hughes – trombone

Jason Lee Bruns – drumset, percussion



Kleber Jorge – cavaquinho (#4)

Nathi – Portuguese vocals, mouth trumpet (#4)

Katisse Buckingham – flute (#6)



Recorded at Sunset Sound, Studio III

engineer – Jeffrey “Woody” Woodruff

asst. engineer – Alex Miller

piano tuner – Tim Michaels


Overdubs at Golden Handcuff Studios

engineer – Aidan Brown


mix & master – Jason Lee Bruns



Cover Photo – tba

Graphic Design & Layout – tbd



Executive Producer –  Laurence Walsh-Hodson

Artist: Bruns & Baché

Label: Golden Handcuff Records

Release Date: October 04, 2021

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