Ballroom Soundtrack


1. Everybody Loves My Baby

2. Red Hot Mama

3. It Had to Be You - naughty

4. Wanna Be Happy (feat. Nathi)

5. Yearning

6. Carmen (feat. Katisse)

7. I Love You

8. It Had to Be You - nice

9. España Cani

About Album

Available Soon in 12″ Vinyl and CD

Recorded at the famous Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA — “Ballroom” prides itself on commissioning a soundtrack by BRUNS & BACHÉ that stands on its own. Dance music as old as the 1920’s is reimagined with BACHÉ’s arrangements / singing and is modernized with BRUNS’ tight drumming / production.  The band’s driving energy, powerful rock-like lead vocals, tight horn section, soulful backing vocals and virtuosic solos help to create a powerful sound that is perfect for the film’s dancing and passionate storyline. Special guests include a track featuring flute by Katisse Buckingham (from the famous “Yazz Flute” scene in Anchorman and Minions 1 and 2), Kleber Jorge on Brazilian guitar (from the Rio 1 and 2 soundtracks and Sergio Mendez), and backing vocals by Amy Keys (toured with Phil Collins).  Check out the movie’s website here.



Kevin Baché – lead vocals

Amy Keys – supporting vocals

Ben Thomas – guitar, banjo

Mahesh Balasooriya – acoustic piano

Luca Alemanno – upright bass

Nathan Kay – trumpet

Jeremy Lappitt – tenor saxophone

Eric Hughes – trombone

Jason Lee Bruns – drumset, percussion



Kleber Jorge – cavaquinho (#4)

Nathi – Portuguese vocals, mouth trumpet (#4)

Katisse Buckingham – flute (#6)



Recorded at Sunset Sound, Studio III

engineer – Jeffrey “Woody” Woodruff

asst. engineer – Alex Miller

piano tuner – Tim Michaels


Overdubs at Golden Handcuff Studios

engineer – Aidan Brown


mix & master – Jason Lee Bruns



Cover Photo – tba

Graphic Design & Layout – tbd



Executive Producer –  Laurence Walsh-Hodson

Artist: Bruns & Baché

Label: Golden Handcuff Records

Release Date: October 04, 2021

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