Theodicy Jazz


1. Cycle of Blessings

2. Come And I Will Give

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About Album

These multicultural songs of inspiration and praise combine a variety of jazz and new age styles in fresh expressions, with original texts, drawn from the Bible and Christian tradition to inspire inclusive communities.


William Cleary – alto saxophone

Jonathan Parker – tenor saxophone

Sarah Politz – trombone

Dan Loomis – double bass

Jamey Arent – guitar

Charlie Dye – percussion

Andrew Barnett – piano

Vocals: Eric H. F. Law, Sandra Montes, William Cruse, Lillian Chambliss


Produced by William Cruz

Recorded, and mixed by Jason Lee Bruns.

Copyright 2016 Eric H. F. Law

Artist: Theodicy Jazz

Label: Grace Margin Music

Release Date: December 18, 2015

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