Theodicy Jazz


1. Cycle of Blessings

2. Come And I Will Give

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About Album

These multicultural songs of inspiration and praise combine a variety of jazz and new age styles in fresh expressions, with original texts, drawn from the Bible and Christian tradition to inspire inclusive communities.


William Cleary – alto saxophone

Jonathan Parker – tenor saxophone

Sarah Politz – trombone

Dan Loomis – double bass

Jamey Arent – guitar

Charlie Dye – percussion

Andrew Barnett – piano

Vocals: Eric H. F. Law, Sandra Montes, William Cruse, Lillian Chambliss


Produced by William Cruz

Recorded, and mixed by Jason Lee Bruns.

Mastered by Jonathan Wyner

Copyright 2016 Eric H. F. Law

Artist: Theodicy Jazz

Label: Grace Margin Music

Release Date: December 18, 2015

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