The Egrem Session


1. Gandinga, Mondongo Y Sandunga (arr. J. Bruns)

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This Cuban-Jazz single, produced by Jason Lee Bruns, was recorded on August 19th 2008 in Havana Cuba at the famous Egrem Studio 101 (where “Buena Vista Social Club” was filmed & recorded) and features an all-star cast of Cuba’s best musicians.


Jesús Fuentes Aldama – soprano sax

Barbara Rose Olorenshaw – violin

Julio Valdrés Iventez – piano

Pedro Ordóñez Padrón – bass

Jason Lee Bruns – drumset

Pedro Alvarez – timbales

Ivette Gonzales Kessel – congas


Written by Frank Emilio Flynn and arranged by Jason Lee Bruns.

Mixed by Rich Breene and Mastered by Dave Collins.

Recorded at Egrem Studio in Havana, Cuba on August 2, 2008.

Copyright 2008. Panout Music Group.

Artist: Jason Lee Bruns

Label: Golden Handcuff Records

Release Date: September 04, 2009

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Gandinga, Mondongo Y Sandunga (arr. J. Bruns)

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