World Rhythms


Bruns finds rhythmic inspiration from around the globe, discovering pure and potent forms of ancient folkloric drumming traditions in their original cultural context. During his musical excursions, Bruns studies with local masters and participates in indigenous rhythmic ceremonies, reverently documenting his musical findings. Such scholarship influences Bruns’ signature: performance,

production, arranging, and composition. For example, in his arrangement of Dear Prudence, Bruns utilizes the Afoxé rhythm, and his version of Coltrane’s Impressions includes the Maracatu rhythm. He discovered both rhythms during his 2007 trip to Pernambuco in Northeast Brazil. Bruns heads to Zimbabwe next to study the Mbira instrument and Shona sacred music.


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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Samba Batucada rhythms with Mangeira Escola de Samba

Pernambuco, Brazil

Forro, Maracatu, and Afoxé rhythms with various

Trinidad & Tobago

Soca and Calypso rhythms with Phase II Steel Band

Havana, Cuba

Rumba and Conga de Comparsa rhythms at Conjunto Folklorico de Cuba

Guinea, West Africa

Djembe and Dun Dun rhythms with Ban Dandjou

Salvador Bahia, Brazil

Samba-Reggae and Samba Duro rhythms with Olodum

Palenque, Colombia

Cumbia rhythms with various

Harare, Zimbabwe

Mbira instrument with the Shona people